Tabing Dagat

Barangay  Tabing dagat was formerly composed of purok bukang liwayway and purok bay-bay dagat and later on it was combined as a whole and named purok pinag-isa, headed by purok leader.[/dropcap

In September 21,1974 Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos promulagated the Presidential Decree no. 557, Declaring Barrios, purok  ang district especially in the poblacion to named as barangay. That was the time purok pinag-isa becamed Tabing Dagat.

In the early 60’s the first barangay captain was the late Federico Hernandez, Followed by Dorotea P. Empeo until. 1994. Under the “ Local Goverment code” R.A. 7160, There was hold an election in 1994, and Proclaimed Rodolfo P. Padolina as Barangay Captain and (7) seven barangay  councillors who composed sangguniang barangay. After (3) three years of term of office, another election hold in 1997 and it was Tomas A. Babes assumed as Barangay captain, until he finished his (3) three consecutive terms up to 2010.

In the previous Oct.25,2010 as barangay election, Mercy A. Anora won the chairmanship together with (7) seven councillors.


Barangay Tabing dagat is one of the largest barangay within the poblacion, it is included in the “Gumaca Central District” which consist of (9) nine Barangay.


  • NORTH – Lamon Bay
  • EAST- Barangay Beusuceso ( Along PNR)
  • SOUTH- Barangay Maunlad (Along Bonifacio St)
  • WEST- Barangay Sandiego (Along Aguinaldo St)


Formerly Barangay Tabing Dagat was containing an area of 6.2 hectares of  62,000 square meters, but now, upon the initiatives of the past Municipal Local Official, It’s extended up to 10 hectares or 100,000 square meters more or less for the improvement of reclamation area. The whole barangay was consisted into (4) four zone, namely zone 1,2,3, and 4.


Based on 1995 census, Barangay Tabing Dagat had a population of 2,428 residents. In 1997 survey of the Phil.Minimum basic needs to improve quality of life, there showed that barangay had 356 households and 540 families.

As of now 2010, based on national census and statistics population of barangay Tabing Dagat had 2581, composed of 586 number of Families and 568 number of household.


Mostly along the seashore area were fishermen and thiers respective wives were fish vendors in the town public market. There were many carpenters,drivers,masons,welder,laborers and other skilled workers can be hired in Barangay Tabing Dagat. Some residents were teachers, Government Employees, Private Employees, Stall Owners, and workers in may establishments like supermart, Drug Stores, Hardware Store,Electrical, Appliances and Electronics Stores.

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