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Rooted in the forces of history and nurtured by nature, we envision a stable, peaceful and empowered community which will be the growth center of trade and finance, culture and arts, religion and governance; a home to cheerful and freedom-loving citizens with reverence to God Almighty, kindness to their fellow human beings, and concern for an ecologically-balanced environment, guided by leaders who are God-fearing, compassionate, honest and just, with competence and conviction.



To serve with smile on our lips, humility and sincerity in our hearts, agility of our body and keenness of our mind for the welfare and development of the citizenry.

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  • unitLocal Government of Gumaca
  • phone(042) 317-6335 | (042) 317-7591 (8:00 - 17:00)
  • maillgugumaca@ymail.com
  • map J.P. Rizal St., Brgy. Pipisik, Gumaca, Quezon (4307)

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